Fight To Win TV Love of God Bundle

Fight To Win TV Love of God Bundle

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The Fight To Win TV Love of God special bundle includes 3 of our most popular resources to help you get grounded in how much God loves you and wants to help you right where you are.

This Popular Bundle Includes the Following mp3 Digital Downloads as well as a physical copy (mailed to you) of the Love of God Daily Devotional written by Pastor Kurt Owen. These powerful resources will transform your life.

1 - God...Friend or Foe? by Pastor Kurt Owen (mp3 Digital Download: 5 Messages) 

Is God your friend your foe? Is He for you or against you? Does He love you or even care about you? People call natural disasters acts of God, but are they?

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2 - Knowing AND Believing The Love of God  by Pastor Kurt Owen (mp3 Digital Download: 5 Messages)

There is a vast difference in knowing that God loves you and actually believing that He loves you. John specifically differentiates between the two in 1 John. It’s a difference that changes everything when you begin to actually believe exactly how much God loves you.

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3 - Knowing AND Believing The Love of God Devotional by Pastor Kurt Owen (Physical Book)

God loves YOU! Such a simple, common truth and frequently spoken. Yet, why are so many of God's people struggling to believe it? It is not enough to know about the Love of God; you have to believe it wholeheartedly. In fact, a revelation of God's love for you will transform every facet of your life and bring total victory where there would otherwise be defeat. In this divinely inspired devotional, Kurt Owen tackles the obstacles to knowing AND believing God's Love for you. Take a journey with him as he pulls back the curtain on topics such as: If God Is Love, Why Do Bad Things Happen? What About The Judgment of God? God's Commitment To Your Success. Fearing God vs. Being Afraid. Walking In Our Authority. Is God Really The One In Control? Hindrances To Receiving God's Love. How Do I Know God Loves ME?

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